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Geo: From inside the 565, Columba [[another saint) account viewing a beast in the Loch Ness

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Geo: From inside the 565, Columba [[another saint) account viewing a beast in the Loch Ness

P3. History/Politics: During the 1962, a try was made on the longevity of good European leader. Frederick Forsyth blogged about this through the day of Jackal. Who had been the best choice? Hint: Three pieces centered on J.C. A good. Willy Brandt B. Charles de Gaulle C. Harold Macmillan D. Konrad Adenauer

4. Lang: Long Department, Nj-new jersey, 1893, poet, short story copywriter, laughs, satirist, keen eye to possess 20 th Century urban regulations, founding affiliate Algonquin Round-table “Razors aches your, / Streams was wet, / Acids stain your, / And drugs lead to cramp. / Guns aren’t legitimate, / Nooses promote, /Gas smells terrible, /You might too alive.” Also: “You could lead a horticulture, however you can not generate the girl envision.” An effective. Gertude Stein B. Dorothy Parker C. Ogden Nash D. Pyne.

Ann Sexton Idea: Agatha’s Mr

P5. Lit: Four: step one. Waukegan, IL, 1920, fantasy, sci-fi copywriter, Dandelion Wines additionally the dystopian Fahrenheit 451. 2. Englefield, Berkshire, Uk, 1964, published Ny Times #step one bestseller New Thirteenth Tale in blond Jane-Eyre traditions. step 3. La, 1924, novelist [[Good times / Bad Times) Pulitzer profitable dramatist [[Chorus Line). 4. Usually the one you desire, Norwich, CT, 1935, wrote the brand new flat-aside wonderful Delivery News. An effective. Diane Setterfield B. Ray Bradbury C. Annie Proulx D. James Kirkwood, Jr.

P6. Music: Tutwiler, MS, 1912, organization singer, songwriter, who towards their electric guitar mimicked cello dancing- woogies; Grooving Chillen and you may Growth Boom take the fresh Rock Hallway off http://www.hookupfornight.com/teen-hookup-apps Magnificence five hundred Musical you to Formed Rock. Appeared in The brand new Blues Brothers, 1980. Hint: Xaviera Hollander A good. Leadbelly B. B. B. King C. Dirty Seas D. John Lee Hooker

P7. People: Boston, 1918, journalist on Nixon’s enemies list, won 1975 Pulitzer for articles on Watergate scandal. “Baseball is what we were, and football is what we’ve become.” Hint: All of the … facts. A. Mary McGrory B. Barbara Walters C. Francis Fitzgerald

P8. Potluck: Florence, AL, 1947, member of Pleased Deceased, 1972 – 1979. Hint: Beckett Prepared A great. Janis Joplin B. Donna Jean Godchaux C. Stevie Nicks D. Elegance Slick

P9. Quotes: Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France, 1862, composer of Impressionist Songs, Los angeles Mer [[The sea). 1. First, females and you will guy, you should disregard that you’re singers. dos. Nothing is alot more musical than simply a sunset. He just who feels exactly what the guy sees will get no further beautiful exemplory instance of build- ment in all that book and this, alas, musicians and artists understand however, deficiencies in, the publication out-of Characteristics. Hint: Desk jobs A great. Claude Debussy B. Maurice Ravel C. Georges Bizet D. Hector Berlioz

P10. Sci/Tech: Huston, Texas, 1920, heart-transplant master, during the 1969 lay a fake cardio during the a death 47 year old-man to own 65 period up to a person center turned available. Hint: Columbia A. Michael E. DeBakey B. William Thornton Mustard C. Denton A great. Cooley D. Robert Age. Terrible

P11. Sports: Four: 1. Saint Paul, 1956, Maker legend, .306, step 3,319 hits, 234 Time, 2004 HoF. 2. Engelwood, Nj, 1941, mentor, Huge Tuna, 2 Awesome Dish victories. 3. Vxj. Sweden, ten tennis Huge Slams. 4. Usually the one need, Southhampton, Nyc, 1939, Yellow Sox leftfielder, Multiple Top, .285, 3,419 attacks, 452 Hours. An excellent. Costs Parcels B. Mats Wilander C. Paul Molitor D. Carl Yastremski

Joan Didion D

12. Screen: Suffern, New york, 1939, she is actually Rhoda towards Mary Tyler Moore Inform you. Hint: Zero bird beast she. A beneficial. Valerie Harper B. Georgia Engel C. Cloris Leachman D. Flower Marie Mazetta

13. Extra: Considering linguists, folks of and therefore area come nearest so you can pronouncing English correctly? Good. American Midwest B. London C. Southern area The newest England D. Oxford

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