Our specialty

Sina Peyman Company started its activities in 2002 with the objectives of investment management and sales engineering in construction projects. The use of experienced managers and specialists in the fields of consulting, design, implementation and management of capital risk and economic justification, along with the use of national and popular media for branding projects has made this possible for nearly two decades. So far, based on the experiences of the past years, we have provided the best opportunities in the field of building investment, an opportunity that will be the future of expandable investments in the construction sector..

Get acquainted with our specialties

Branding and sales engineering

The most important part in accrediting and creating added value, both financial and credit, in the implementation process of a project with any use, branding, or in other words, making the project famous and valuable by using the knowledge of advertising, expert managers and proper use of media. It is practical. Based on the successful track record of the last twenty years, Sina Peyman Group is ready to take over the management of branding and sales engineering of your project.

Participation in the construction and construction of projects

Sina Peyman Group, relying on past experiences and also proud of the trusts made by esteemed owners and employers, has so far succeeded in completing several joint projects, including tens of thousands of square meters in the form of hundreds of residential, commercial, office, welfare, tourist and ... The country has become and is ready to play an effective role in the proposed projects.

Funding of projects

The biggest challenge in the process of constructing a successful project at the national and even international level is to provide financial and liquidity of the project with easy, reasonable and justifiable conditions from reliable and powerful sources. This group will be proudly by your side with excellent management in the field of financing from the beginning to the end of the project.


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