Engineer Saeed Moohebat

Senior Advisor for Tourism

Bachelor of Electronics from the University of Michigan

Founder of Narenjestan Tourist Holding


Founder of Narenjestan Ziba Shomal Company (Private Joint Stock Company) in 1997 with the aim of operating in the tourism industry, construction, operation and management of accommodation and tourism centers in Iran by constructing the following complexes:
Construction of Narenjestan Izad Shahr hotel and tourism complex with the subject of time ownership
Construction of Naranj town in 1370 in an area of 200,000 square meters at 15 km of Noor and Nowshahr
Construction of Toranj town in 1372 in an area of 70,000 square meters at 12 km of Noor and Nowshahr
Construction of Bahar Naranj town in 1375 in an area of 125840 square meters in Izadshahr
Rehabilitation, reconstruction and operation project of the tourist project of Madar Shah caravanserai in 2004, one of the important buildings built in the late Safavid period (1640 AD).
The construction of Narenjestan Amirabad residential complex, one of the functions of Izadshahr, includes a land with an area of 3767 square meters and an approximate infrastructure of 20,000 square meters and with eight floors, including 127 residential units and a total useful area of about 12,000 square meters is designed and being completed.

Amirabad Narenjestan Residential Complex

Hotel projects, Narenjestan residential and commercial complex

Narenjestan restaurant chain group


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