Mehdi fadaei

Managing Director

Advanced business management

Managing Director of Mahd Gostar Company (the first knowledge-based company in the field of capital engineering and construction)1992
Managing Director of Isargaran Company 1995
Executive Director of Aftab Honar Institute1998
CEO of Sina Peyman Company2002
Gas injection project management consultant to Aghajari oil field2003
Executive director and member of the board of directors of Masjed Soleiman Petrochemical Industries Group2008
Deputy CEO of Nikvi Company in Tehran (affiliated to the municipality)2010
Consortium Manager of Region 2 Top Builders Group2018 yet
Director of Sinatis Capital and Building Development Consortium (Sina Peyman-Farna-Tablieh Housing Companies)2018 yet


02186085876 - 02188870250 - 02188870249
دفتر مرکزی: جردن، پلاک 88، برج نگین آفریقا، طبقه 6
دفتر طراحی و معماری: تهران، خیابان خرمشهر، پلاک 114
دفتر اجرایی: خ شریعتی، جنب مترو قلهک، بن بست امیری فر پلاک 6
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02186085876 – 02188870250 – 02188870249
Headquarters: Jordan, No. 88, Negin Africa Tower, 6th Floor, Unit 602

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